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Trisselwand - probably the most beautiful view of Ausseerland

You can catch a glimpse of the Trisselwand summit cross from some of our flats. A majestic mountain that rises elegantly out of Lake Altaussee. Climb this impressive mountain peak and let yourself be enchanted by the unforgettable view. A paradise for experienced (!) hikers. The Trisselwand is not just a mountain, but a place of freedom and inspiration. Whether you dare to climb it or just enjoy the view, it will captivate you. A piece of Ausseerland that you won't forget easily.

Trisselwand eine unvergessliche Aus- und Ansicht

Let's quickly talk about ambitious hiking:

Proper backpacking makes many hikes easier, as does good footwear. Our team will be happy to give you further tips and advice on which routes are best suited to you. Feel free to ask!

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