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To transport the old style into modernity while preserving the imperfectly charming elements was the requirement of the restoration of the Podenhaus. 

With its centuries-old building history and baroque facade, the "Podenhaus" in Kirchengasse is a historical gem in the townscape of Bad Aussee. Owned by the Paradeiser family for decades, the facade in particular has been repeatedly maintained and the house revitalized through its use as a residential property. From 2021 to 2023, the listed building underwent a comprehensive renovation and was transferred to its new use. The building fabric was largely preserved, but also had to be extensively upgraded in some areas. 

Surfaces such as wooden floors, plastered walls and the original ceilings were preserved as far as possible. The interior design reflects the thoroughly historic building tradition, combining old and new: The furnishings are in part closely linked to the history of the building itself: Many pieces of furniture and antiques that had already been in the Podenhaus for decades have been lovingly restored and have now found their place there again. They are combined with modern-classic upholstered furniture, minimalist side tables and the high-quality box spring beds or modern iron four-poster beds. The result is a symbiosis of valuable individual pieces, each of which tells a story, and a casual living design in the contemporary zeitgeist.



We warmly welcome you to the Podenhaus.


From Achaz Praun to Gerhard Paradeiser...

The history of the Podenhaus can be traced back much further than the year 1794 (the year of acquisition by the Poden family), namely to the High Middle Ages. Read more about 700 years of history of a house and its eventful past in the town history of Bad Aussee...

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